New Item! CHRISTMAS EXPANSION DECK for “Crimes Against Handbells”!

The must-have handbell game from this summer is now the the hottest Christmas gift for hardcore handbell geeks!

  • YES! You can still buy the original, first edition game!
  • YES! You can now buy the CHRISTMAS EXPANSION PACK with 104 all new holiday themed game cards!
  • YES! You can pre-order today and receive it in time for Christmas!
  • NO! You can’t play with the expansion pack only. I mean, you could, but that would be a really short game. Super weird and unsatisfying. But hey, you do you.

The expansion deck ships separately from the main game, but there is room in your game box to hold all of the cards. Your decks will just be a bit thicker.

Your Christmas Expansion pack comes with:

  • 18 new Question Cards, including….
    • What do bell ringers deck their halls with?
    • What does Santa leave for naughty ringers?
    • I still believe in _____.
  • 84 new Answer Cards, including…
    • replacing Elf on a Shelf with Mime on a Chime.
    • feeling superior to all the Salvation Army Red Kettle ringers.
    • ornamental balls.
    • driving with sleigh bells in the back seat of your car.
  • PLUS 6 Blank Cards so you can create your own answers!

  Buy just the CHRISTMAS EXPANSION DECK (108-cards) for $23 (free USPS shipping)!

  Buy the original game (full 288-card game plus box) for $49 (free USPS shipping)!

  Buy BOTH the original game and the CHRISTMAS EXPANSION DECK for $70 (save $2 and STILL free shipping)!

Here is a sampling of just a few of the cards. Which would you choose?

Stevie Berryman
Handbell ringing and directing has long been a passion of mine. In pursuing that, I have discovered that music was plentiful, but curriculum was not. To learn how to teach handbells, you had to attend a festival or workshop. That was great for me; I love festivals! But I also think there is a better way. So I plan on bringing my original, unique teaching methods and tactics to you in whatever medium best works: text, pictures, or video. These are ideas that I have used myself and taught at festivals for the last 10 years. They work! I have had people all over the US reach out to me with appreciation and excitement over some game or prop that brought their rehearsal from ordinary to amazing. Here at The Hive you will find ideas that work (Be Keepers), things you need to stop doing (Be Stings), and testimonials from my supporters (Honeycombs). So welcome to my hive; I’m always doing something new, and you can come, too. Stevie Be Writing. Stevie Be Laughing. Stevie Be Music.